Are you waiting for the next MVR check to find surprises?

Whether your fleet is 10 or 10,000,  continuous MVR monitoring proactively ensures your drivers have valid licenses all the time. You'll find out in real-time when a driver shouldn't be behind the wheel. These insights help you take action fast. They also improve road safety and protect your bottom line. Relying on the annual or periodic check can expose your organization to unnecessary risks due to the gaps in between reports.

Reduce liability

Avoid unnoticed violations or suspensions that expose companies to high insurance claims and potential negligence.

Stay Compliant

Ensure your drivers meet all DOT requirements and that they are legally and medically fit to be behind the wheel.

Boost Safety

Protect your image and improve your safety profile by identifying risky drivers before it’s too late.

Real-time email alerts

Our system connects directly with state licensing agencies (DMVs) and monitors employees’ Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly).  Whenever there’s a change that you need to know about, you’ll receive an email alert.

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Streamline MVR review process

Continuous MVR monitoring saves you time and resources by eliminating the manual review process. Our user-friendly interface provides real-time reports on the status of your drivers with just a few clicks. Our secured and robust system is available anytime 24/7.

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"The biggest value we've been able to get out of using the driver record system is to monitor records on an ongoing basis. Not only has this saved us money, but we now have a consistent process to check records and catch suspended or expired licenses." - VP, Human Resources

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